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PEER Strategy | Engage | Whitepapers | Loyalty BoundAn Effective Piece of Marketing Collateral

Whitepapers are informational documents that are offered to your prospects and customers, mainly through landing pages, filled with useful content they value.  Whitepapers can be used to generate sales leads by including product information or comparisons, to inform and persuade prospective customers.  These can be placed on a website for customers to download, many times through a landing page that includes a contact form requesting the customer’s general information so businesses can track these leads.

Suggestions of Types of Whitepapers

    • Informational – Gives the customer specific information regarding a specific product or group of products.
    • List – Presents a set of tips, questions, or points about a certain business issue. Can be used to show benefits over the competition.
    • Problem/Solution – Recommends a new, improved product or service that will solve a common problem. This is great for top of the funnel leads.

The key is to create content that is valuable to your prospects and current customers.  Information on a line you carry, a new model that has been released and its new features, tips for upkeep and safety, all of these things are valuable topics.  This type or information does a lot for your business, it proves you to be a credible source of information, and trustworthy.  Offering these documents through a landing pages allows you to collect the information of prospects interested in the topic and can help you to place them in a lead nurturing campaign.