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Construction Equipment Powertrain Warranty

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Construction Equipment Powertrain Warranty

Protect your equipment investments with a Powertrain Warranty. A Powertrain Warranty picks up when the OEM's base warranty period expires. Powertrain warranties help protect your construction equipment from unexpected repairs costs while enhancing its trade-in and resale values. ADI Agency's extended powertrain warranty covers almost all makes and models of construction equipment in addition to most equipment applications. We offer flexible protection terms and options to satisfy nearly any requirements. It provides protection coverage for the components listed in our Powertrain Protection Plan Contract.

ADI Agency offers both new and used Powertain Warranties. What is the difference between the two warranites? First keep in mind that every piece of new equipment comes with a manufactures base warranty. Most common coverage you will see on new equipment is 1 to 2yrs and 1200 to 2400hrs. OEMs add these warranties in order to give the customer piece of mind that if something were to go wrong with the machine it will most likely be covered. It also shows the customer that the OEM stands behind the quality and build of the machine. A used powertrain warranty is purchased on equipment that is outside of the OEMs base warranty meaning the base warranty has expired. The coverage options on a used piece of machine are usually limited to a powertrain extended warranty or a powertrain and hydraulics extended warranty. Also the terms on used are limited to up to 2 years and 2500 hours. In addition to a used warranty that you need to remember is there are limits on hold the machine is and how many hours on it for the construction equipment to qualify for the warranty. Most used warranty programs on the market go up to 5 model years old and less than 5000 hours ADI Agency used extended warranty program goes out 7 model years old and 7000 hours.

As you can see, an extended construction equipment Powertrain Warranty provides both functional and financial protection for the OEM, the dealer, and most importantly the end user. Once again, the contracts offered are for a specific amount of time or for a certain number of hours. Equipment is very expensive and the repairs can be costly and downtime is a hardship for you customer. Having a Powertrain Warranty on it can ensure you that it will be protected and so will your customer.


An Extended Powertrain Warranty covers:

The Engine

- Major Assemblies
- Fuel System
- Air Induction and Exhaust System
- Lubrication System
- Cooling System

Power Transmission

- Manual Shift Transmission
- Flywheel and Clutch Components
- Torque Converter
- Power Shift Transmission
- Hydrostatic Transmission
- Countershaft Transmission
- Power Flow Connectors

Drive Systems

- Steering clutches and brakes for tracks vehicles only
- Differential steering and brakes
- Driveline for track and wheeled vehicles