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Full Machine Extended Warranty Coverage

Full Machine Extended Warranty Coverage

A Full Machine Extended Service Contract picks up when the OEM's base warranty period expires. It provides protection coverage for the listed powertrain, hydraulic, electrical, A/C and many additional components listed in the Full Machine Protection Plan.


A Full Machine Extended Warranty covers:

The Engine

- Major Assemblies
- Fuel System
- Air Induction and Exhaust System
- Lubrication System
- Cooling System

Power Transmission

- Manual Shift Transmission
- Flywheel, Clutch, Clutch Brake
- Torque Converter, Divider, and Retarder
- Power Shift Transmission
- Hydrostatic Transmission
- Countershaft Transmission
- Power Flow Connectors

Drive Systems

- Steering Clutches and Brakes
- Differential Steering and Brakes
- Drive Line
- Wheels and Axles
- Piston Motor Group, Hydraulic Drive
- Drive Axle Group, front and rear

Hydraulic Systems

- Cooling System
- Steering System
- Hydraulic System
- Lift, Tilt, Tip Controls
- Motor Grader Implement Control
- Scraper Controls
- Ripper, Tool Bar and other Implement Controls
- Excavator Backhoe, Front Shovel, and other Implement Controls
- Logger and Skidder Controls

Vibratory Components

- Vibratory Valves
- Pumps and Motors
- Vibratory Mechanism
- Swing Gear Assembly
- Service Truck Time and Mileage

Parts Covered Due To A Mechanical Breakdown

- Engine
- Transmission/differential
- Steering/brakes
- Hydraulic components
- Electrical
- Factory air conditioning
- Frames/other